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Turkey Offers Great Opportunities For Foreign Investors

Turkish economy has undergone a significant economic and structural transformation since the beginning of 2002, attaining an annual growth rate of nearly 6% on average during this period. Turkey has more than tripled its GDP since then, reaching a record-breaking growth rate of $820 billion in 2013.

Among the most notable factors that contributed to Turkey’s strong economic growth and development over the past decade are liberal investment policies, low tax rates, investment incentives, large domestic market, strategic geo-political position as well as membership in the Customs Union and the EU candidacy.

Turkish private sector has also made great progress on many fronts creating a wide range of opportunities in the areas of merger and acquisition, franchising and real estate for foreign companies and private investors. As a gateway to the Middle East, Asia and Europe, Turkey continues to lure investors from all over the world.

Merger and Acquisition Opportunities in Turkey

mergerDespite the slowdown in the global economy and the regional problems faced by the country, Turkey has been the center of attention for M&A activities in recent years. Turkish economy, despite being affected by recent developments, is still expected to continue to attract foreign investors who are looking for lucrative M&A opportunities.

In 2013, M&A activity in Turkey was on the rise as investors continued to be drawn to Turkey as a result of its relatively favorable economic indicators. In 2013, despite the slowdown in M&A activity around the world, mergers and acquisitions in Turkey hit a record high.

In 2012, the disclosed value of M&A deals realized in Turkey totaled $17.4 billion. Investors were not only interested in larger companies but also expressed an interest in small to medium-size businesses. In 2013, the total value of disclosed deals reached $13.7 billion. However, when estimates for the deals with undisclosed values are taken into account, the total value of transactions in M&A deals is estimated to have reached $20 billion.

Merger and Acquisition Services

Entrepreneurship Center provides extensive M&A advisory services for corporate buyers and private investors throughout the entire merger and acquisition process in conjunction with its partners. Our merger and acquisition advisory services can be customized according to your needs all the way from identifying target companies to the completion of the acquisition process. As we are in constant touch with the markets, we can spot opportunities and help you identify profitable and strategic businesses in Turkey.

Master Franchising Opportunities in Turkey

international-franchisingTurkey, as an emerging market with a dynamic and growing economy, offers profitable franchising opportunities for foreign franchisors in many sectors.

As Turkey has enjoyed strong economic growth during the past years, this may be the best time for foreign franchise brands to start looking for master franchising partners in Turkey to enter the Turkish market.

Indeed, more international franchise companies have been entering the Turkish market and many domestic companies are developing their own franchising concepts. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of Turkish companies and private investors who are looking to diversify their businesses through investments in foreign franchises.

International brands in the fast food sector have been operating in Turkey for 25 years. Over the years, these have been followed by retailers’ apparel and service brands in a variety of sectors such as real estate, car care, children’s education, foreign language training, janitorial and hospitality services.

Franchise Consulting and Marketing Services

Entrepreneurship Center offers comprehensive franchise consulting and marketing services and can assist you in making your entry into the Turkish market as smooth as possible. If you are considering expanding your franchise operations in Turkey, we can assist you in locating a suitable master franchisee who can effectively manage your franchise operations and market your brand in Turkey.

Real Estate Opportunities in Turkey

commercial-real-estateAs a result of positive developments in the economy, the real estate sector in Turkey has gained considerable prominence in recent years, attracting both local and foreign investors. The sector has witnessed an increase in foreign real estate acquisitions since the enactment of a bill in 2012, removing the condition of reciprocity and easing restrictions on the sale of land and property to foreigners.

Real estate market in Turkey offers great opportunities for foreign investors in many areas ranging from luxury hotels to modern shopping centers and residential complexes. Many factors such as increased economic and political stability, growing industrialization, heavy urbanization, the country’s geo-political position, the EU candidacy have all favorably contributed to the growth of the Turkish real estate market and created a rare window of opportunity for foreign investors.

Turkey received about $2.6 billion in foreign investment in terms of real estate purchases in 2012, an increase of 31% from the previous year. In 2013, the real estate acquisitions by foreigners reached $3 billion, rising by 15% percent over the previous year, following the removal of restrictions on property ownership by foreigners that opened the market to foreign investors. Turkey’s lucrative property market is projected to reach $10 billion annually in foreign investments in the medium term.

Commercial Real Estate Services

Entrepreneurship Center can offer you expert assistance in finding profitable investment properties and make your real estate acquisitions through its real estate division as easy as possible. We can also provide support in legal and tax matters through our partners who are specialized in real estate acquisitions.

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Entrepreneurship Center is a leading consulting firm in Turkey offering financial and strategic advisory services to corporations and investors in the areas of business valuation, merger and acquisition, franchising and commercial real estate.

Entrepreneurship Center had also developed a joint project with the Ministry of Customs and Trade in the area of business transfers aimed at small-to-mid-size companies in Turkey. Entrepreneurship Center was the only firm in Turkey invited by the ministry to the “Business Transfers” conference held in Brussels, Belgium by The European Commission in June 2014.

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